Sep 072013
Sketchbook page 15

Having gone to Art {Retreat} Camp, I’m realizing I want to get a lot more drawing and painting into my life. A simple way is to keep a sketchbook, so on a recent vacation with my husband, Phil, and our dog, Timmy, I decided to fill the small sketchbook I received at ARC with sketches of our stay in Little Compton, RI. (Click on the thumbnails below to page through the entire sketchbook.)

Almost all the drawings are from memory, which I’d make at the end of the day. I have to admit that at first I saw it as a bit of a challenge to sketch and write this much every day, but by the time I finished that first evening I really got into it. I’m very glad to have the artifact of the sketchbook itself, as well as the experience of having journaled and sketched for the entire trip.

For those who are interested, I used a black Micron 005 pen for the outlines and writing, and Tombow brush pens (grays N75 and N45). The sketchbook itself is a Makeready Journal from Craftside. The graphic designer in me loves these journals made from the makeready sheets from a press run. The one I have was made from The Art of Urban Sketching, by Gabriel Campanario. Many thanks to Susan Schwake, organizer of ARC, for the sketchbook and the inspiration to fill it! Thanks also to our superlative hosts, Faith and Peter, at Gray Gable guest cottage.

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