May 092013

Just saw an article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek that was published today, and came across a shocking statistic: only 58.6% of US civilians aged 16 and up are employed, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. I had to make an image that would bring that information alive.



I invite you to share your thoughts.

  3 Responses to “shocking statistic”

  1. biggest lesson here…stay in school

  2. So many jobs just don’t exist any more with computers taking over what people used to do — so many skills are obsolete. We go online to look at, buy and sell everything from houses to cars, film projectionists are not necessary, bank tellers will be a thing of the past one day. Channel 8 News has their in-studio cameras on remote control. So much graphic design is now fill in a template online. Technology marches on and tramples a lot of hands-on jobs along the way.

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