Jul 072013

The last assignment for my class with Lilla Rogers is to design a zipper pouch. We are encouraged to stay true to our own styles and approaches, while still being open to the “lush and juicy” trend. Since my style is usually very pared down, this has been challenging to say the least!

First, I created some texture in black ink on cold pressed watercolor paper, created a vector of it in Illustrator, and added some color (orange, of course!):

zipper pouch step 1

Then, I thought I’d do the retro-abstract thing (love that mid-century aesthetic!), and added some blobs of purple. Softened them up with some “letterpress” effects:

zipper pouch step 2

Left to my own devices, I would have stopped there. I’d love to see this on stretched canvas, about 36″ wide! But it didn’t follow the brief, so I kept going, adding some lettering (cut black paper, scanned and vectorized), some floral elements, and a bird:

zipper pouch step 3

I really thought I was done, until I shared it with my fellow students. They loved the colors, the flower, and the lettering, but it wasn’t textured enough, and needed more lushness. (This is why I love my classmates and Lilla; they push me and help me make my art even better!) What to do? I looked at the brief and the inspiration boards provided, and decided to add some fancy swirls and more birds. I also added the little visual joke of the egg (dreams before they “hatch” and take flight). I thought it was over the top, but that was the whole point according to the brief!

zipper pouch step 4

Another important thing I’ve learned in this class is that presentation is key. Rather than just submit the final design all by its lonesome, I put it in context (using a template generously supplied by classmate  Sherry London), and created a couple of complementary designs using elements from the main design. Put everything on a wood background to unify and enhance the designs, and added my logo and the collection name:

Zipper pouch and other products

And there you have it! I have learned so much from this class, and can’t wait to build a portfolio over this summer full of new designs for bolt fabric, home décor, kids, wall art, and gifts. Even more, I’m looking forward to Part B of this course, where we’ll cover paper and stationery, baby and children’s apparel, scrapbooking, editorial, and party paper. Not to mention the Global Talent Search.

It’s going to be a great summer!

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