Jun 302013

More work from my class with Lilla Rogers. This design is for wall art and measures 24″ x 24″. Much looser than what I usually do. It incorporates a drawing I did several years ago, just a texture of tiny circles I drew with a 000 Rapidograph on a scroll of rice paper. Scanned it in and vectorized it in Illustrator, and used it in part of the background. I also did the lettering, scanned that in and ran it through Image Trace in Illustrator. The small white flowers are a scatter brush I built, based on a photo I took of some flowers on the High Line in NYC.

Can you tell I’m having a great time?

"The Earth Laughs in Flowers" —Ralph Waldo Emerson. Illustration of poppies and daisies by Joanne Hus.


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