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What exactly is Lizard Brain, you ask? According to Seth Godin,

“The lizard brain is not merely a concept. It’s real, and it’s living at the top of your spine, fighting for your survival. But, of course, survival and success are not the same thing. The lizard brain is the reason you’re afraid, the reason you don’t do all the art you can, the reason you don’t ship when you can. The lizard brain is the source of the resistance.”

(From Godin’s book, Linchpin. )

Have you ever procrastinated even though you’ve had a killer deadline hanging over your head? Have you ever wasted hours and hours doing “research” online? Have you ever gravitated to doing busy work, instead of doing the important work? That’s the resistance. I don’t know about you, but I spend a good deal of my time battling the resistance. I found reading about it in Linchpin very helpful. I realized we all have a very real foe, but there are ways of beating that foe. Linchpin also inspired the illustration above, as well as a series that I’ve put into a little booklet. Email me, and I’ll send you a copy.

What about you? How has the resistance shown up in your life, and what have you done to overcome it? Share your strategies in the comments.


May 27, 2012

CT Art Directors Club logo

The Connecticut Art Directors Club was kind enough to award a Silver and an Excellence Award for the Lizard Brain booklet. My thanks to the judges, Nöel Claro, Nick Corey, Ira Cummings, Richard Graumann, and Liz Linder.

I still have a few copies left. If you want one, email me your mailing address.

More about Lizard Brain…

July 4, 2013

Check out author/speaker/student of human nature Andrea Kihlstedt’s thoughts about Lizard Brain on her blog. She’ll also post some interesting ideas around Lion Heart, which I’m looking forward to reading.

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