Oct 202013

Li'l Acorn, baby and children's pattern design. © Joanne Hus


This week in MATS, we are designing fabric for baby and children’s wear, and the theme is camping! How fun is that? I love the work process that Lilla is teaching us: mini, where we do research, create lots of icons, and play with color and technique; then the main assignment where we pull it all together.

While doing my research, I remembered how when I was a kid I thought acorns were wearing little hats. Had to play with that! I love how sweet their faces came out. Got the inspiration for the color palette from a food ad, another tip from Lilla. (You can find great color palettes anywhere—advertisements, vintage books, the view from your window, even stuff on your desk.)

So what do you think? Are these cute enough? Let me know in the comments, or share this below:

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